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Administrators of the Year

The Rotary Club of East Yonkers and the Yonkers Public Schools proudly present the 2011 Leadership in Education Award to two deserving recipients: Sheryl Chasin, Executive Director of Human Resources/Personnel and Edwin Quezada, Principal of Lincoln High School

Sheryl Chasin

Sheryl ChasinThroughout her career, Sheryl Chasin was synonymous with fairness, equity and the belief that every child and employee, regardless of circumstance, had the potential for greatness. Her development of cadres of teacher trainers and facilitators, promotion of programs for existing and aspiring administrators, and training for noncertificated personnel and student leaders were all designed to increase the leadership capacity within the District.

Sheryl Chasin began her career in the Yonkers Public Schools in 1986 as a Human Relations Facilitator. In 2000, she was appointed the Director of Professional Development and in 2010, she became Executive Director of Human Resources and Personnel, which included the responsibilities of Organization Development.

Referred to often as the conscience of the District, Ms. Chasin was steadfastly motivated by a singular belief in the principle, “what’s right, not who’s right.” She consistently modeled a servant leadership style by mentoring, coaching and empowering others to develop their own leadership potential.

Ms. Chasin led by example, instilling within her coworkers that every stakeholder played a significant role in, and made a valuable contribution to, our students’ success.

Sheryl Chasin graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Education and later a Master’s degree in Guidance & Counseling. She was certified in School Counseling, School Administration and Supervision, and School District Administration. She received advanced training in clinical biofeedback from the Institute of Psychosomatic Research and worked as a biofeedback therapist.

Ms. Chasin taught graduate courses in group and individual counseling at Lehman College for ten years and was a consultant to organizations and other school districts. Ms. Chasin completed an internship in the University Associates Advanced Program in Organization and Human Resources Development, a three-phase program that focused on improving organizational impact as well as training and development.

Sheryl Chasin was a member of the national education honor society, Kappa Delta Pi, held positions in the community such as PTA President of Gorton High School, and received numerous awards for her outstanding work in education including the Jenkins Memorial award, the first Lehman Urban Teacher Educator award (LUTE) and the Jewish Council of Yonkers’ Administrator of the Year Award.

The loss of Sheryl Chasin is profoundly felt throughout the District by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Sheryl's legacy, however, endures within her daughter Stephanie, a teacher at Montessori School 27, and her character motivates the question often posed by coworkers: “What would Sheryl do?” Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools Bernard Pierorazio explained, “Sheryl is our angel now, as she has been in the past. And the radiance, the light and the sunshine with which she filled a room is now reignited by her spirit and the pieces of us that would not be, had we never known her.”

Edwin Quezada

Edwin QuezadaThe process of change arrived at Lincoln High School with Principal Edwin Quezada. His leadership abilities have been felt since his arrival, and the school has realized a transformation of incremental progress. Student achievement is on the rise, and professional development occurs daily as colleagues are encouraged to share best practices. Parental involvement has improved and community based organizations are eager to join the process of educating Lincoln’s young scholars.

Prior to coming to the Yonkers Public Schools, Mr. Quezada worked as a high school counselor at Columbus High School in the Bronx. He then joined the District in 1998 as a Human Relations Facilitator. In 2002, he became an Assistant Principal at Gorton High School and in 2003, was appointed Principal of Emerson Middle School. In 2004, he accepted his current position as Principal of Lincoln High School.

As the Principal of Lincoln, Mr. Quezada has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to create a school in which students are valued, respected, and encouraged to pursue their dreams. Mr. Quezada is actively involved in the PTSA, facilitates parent workshops, conducts focus group meetings with non-English speaking parents and organizes events that involve parents, teachers, and students.

To improve community relations, he has also implemented, “Be the Change Agent,” an initiative that invites families from the surrounding neighborhood to Lincoln High School events. Edwin Quezada uses a reflective approach to leadership, insisting that all stakeholders have a voice that must be heard. He is pro-active and uses a data-driven approach to decision making.

He excels at training his constituents and assisting them in developing their own leadership skills. “Mr. Quezada builds capacity within others and makes everyone around him starve for excellence,” said Lincoln High School Assistant Principal Ian Sherman. “He truly embodies our school’s mission: We care. We learn. We lead.”

Edwin Quezada graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Practice with a minor in Secondary Education and a Master of Science degree in Counseling Education. Mr. Quezada earned a second Master of Science degree in School Administration and Supervision from Fordham University.

Edwin Quezada has received numerous honors in recognition of his accomplishments in the field of education: the 2003-2004 Fulbright Award; 2003 Dominican/American Club Recognition Award; 2004 Dominican Cultural Association Education Award; 2004 Lehman College Urban Teacher Education LUTE Award; 2006 Theater Association of New York State Administrator of the Year Award; 2008 Association of Hispanic Professionals Outstanding Educator Award; 2009 ADASA (Association of Dominican-American Supervisors and Administrators) Award.

Mr. Quezada lives in New City, New York, with wife Gladys, a teacher at Westchester Hills School 29. The couple has two children, Edwin Joseph and Alyssa.






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